The Skinny on Introverts

They say silence has a power that very few people can handle. Well, introverts are among the few. Introverts are often misunderstood. I hope this will shed some light.

If you are an introvert, I know you can relate to the following situations:

Making phone calls is a daunting task. Heart races, hands tremble, and sometimes they become sweaty. You rehearse on what you will say when the person you are calling picks the call. You fear lacking something to say. Awkward silences are part and parcel of the conversation, well unless the person at the other end of the line has no problem with talking ninety percent of the time.


Bumping into people? That is a nightmare. I must admit there was a time I changed routes just to avoid meeting someone.


I forget names easily. I remember a time I took someone’s number. By the time I get home I had already forgotten her name. I had to go through my contact list to identify a new name and in turn remember the person’s name.


It is very difficult to get over embarrassing moments.


When you are not prepared to answer a question, confusion reigns.


Rehearsing on what you’ll say. And then your words get jumbled up. The struggle is real.


When people are having the time of their lives, I get bored to death. It has happened so many times.


Why are you so silent? Why are you shutting yourself out from people? That’s our nature.

A comment that often gets on my nerves is this: Silent people are the worst kind of people. Well, introverts are normal people. We have weaknesses, and sometimes they are not noticeable. Just because we are silent does not mean we are perfect. This comment is often made by people after seeing an introvert’s weaknesses. They had assumed that the person is perfect.

Simple things like socializing might be very difficult we should continuously work on them since no man is an island, and at the end of the day we need each other. 🙂




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