“And then there are people you communicate to often via the phone, but when you meet each other in person you find that you have nothing to say. I don’t know if I am alone in this.”

A friend of mine told me this (rather texted me) after reading some post on friendship. I wondered if we would really talk as much as we do via social media when we meet in person. Then we remembered there was a time we bumped into each other. He confessed that he almost fainted. Good heavens! I also told him I would have loved to tell him a thing or two but I was too scared. When we meet in person, our conversation is punctuated by awkward silence. However, when we communicate via phone, there is so much to talk about since we listen to the same kind of music and have so much in common. That painful reality hit me hard.

Technology can make you become someone you are not. It makes it easy for one to pretend. Think about it, how many times have you sent the laughing emojis and the LOLs and LMFAOs when you are wearing a frown on your face? How many times have you texted something that you would be ashamed of saying out loud? How many times have you edited your photos to cover your blemishes?

I keep wondering if all the people who hurl insults to others on social media can walk up to them and say the same things. I bet most cannot. We live in an age where people take videos of happenings, post them on social media then complain about them instead of trying to stop the action there and then.

Thanks to technology, we can stay in touch with people who are miles away. Yet sometimes we are so preoccupied with keeping in touch with those people that we forget those who are around us. Whenever I go to a restaurant alone, I usually throw glances around. I never fail to see people who are on the same table but are not talking to each other. What has taken most of their attention is their phones, and the remaining attention is taken by food, of course. Silence with staccato bursts of, “My pic on instagram has 1000 likes!” and the likes. What a bonding session!

While social media and technology is not bad entirely, the problem comes in when it is the primary mode of communication. (That is if the person you are communicating with is someone you can afford to meet with regularly) If you have a friend who lives near you, why use the phone to communicate? Meeting in person is way better. My two cents.


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