I was going through my high school journal when this card popped out. It sure did take me down memory lane. Have a look at it. Do not be put off by the French, just look at the guy and look at the fork. Its prongs look amazing huh? The guy is the one who worked on the fork. He achieved this feat not by using physical force but by using his mind. (Don’t be so unbelieving, I saw this!)

I used to watch magic shows on television when I was young. As much as I was in awe of the magician’s ‘superpowers’, I was somehow convinced that there was a trick behind every magic, and that there was no such thing as real magic. However, when Guillaume (the one in the card), a magician from France, came to our school and performed his magic onstage, my belief (that magic does not exist) was shaken.

Ever heard of levitation? levitation illusion is one in which a magician appears to defy gravity by making an object or person float in the air (from Wikipedia). Guillaume had perfected his art in that area. He made a goblet float on air. Even when he poured water into the goblet, the goblet was unrelenting in its mission of defying gravity. At some point, he himself floated on air.

He called anyone who had a coin and a girl stepped forward. The coin was in the girls hand (now clenched into a fist) the whole time. Unfortunately, my memories of what the magician and the girl really did are hazy. I only remember her opening her hand and finding out the coin was bent. The coin was folded almost into half literally. You can imagine the astonishment on the girl’s face (and on our faces too). Good thing it was a one shilling coin. Guillaume said he would replace it anyway.

We saw so many other things including Guillaume being able to tell what word one was thinking about. The audience was astounded, astonished, lost for words all through the show. At the end, someone gave a vote of thanks and when she was done Guillaume asked for her spectacles. He broke one side of the frame (at the hinge) then fixed it in seconds.

That is just a glimpse of what we saw.  Today I did some research on levitation, bending of spoons and twisting of forks using the mind and one word that I constantly came across was illusion. Perhaps the magicians only play with our minds and there is no such thing as magic; and maybe behind every magic there is a trick. To say the truth, that was not in my mind that day during and after the show. I remember gathering the very scanty reserves of courage remaining and went to where he was. I collected the few french words that I could find in my head asked him about France He answered my questions coolly just like a normal person. His blue eyes seemed to traverse the deep confines of my soul though, and that filled me with jitters. How I ended up with this card? Let’s just say someone asked for a card and I happened to be with her so we all got cards.

I reckon he always is a normal person off stage. Otherwise we would be seeing random things floating in the air all the time. Can you imagine meeting him floating on your way home?