Dear papa and mama,

Though many surround me, I feel lonely. Though many claim to love me, I feel unloved. Though many accept me, I have no sense of belonging. Though I smile all the time, my heart is heavy. I am sick of my plastic smiles. We last saw each other ten years ago. That was the last time I smiled genuinely. Papa and mama, please come back. The flame of my hope to see you again used to burn ferociously; right now it is just a flicker. One thing still remains though; the fire has refused to die.

Ours was one happy family. Though we slept hungry on many days, though our clothes were mere patchworks, though our abode was not something to write home about, you always had indefatigable spirits. You worked relentlessly to fend for me. We all had hopes of a better future. Never at once was I ashamed of you. I always knew that I would one day change the state of affairs. However, my dreams were shattered due to your act that day. Despite all that, I still wish to see you again. When will you come back to see me?

That fateful day, I remember it as if it was yesterday. You told me to wear my Sunday best, and to pack my scanty belongings. You took me to a place, where I found many other children about my age. You promised to come pick me later on. I was shown a place where I would be sleeping, well until the day that you pick would me. I waited expectantly for you but you never showed up. I cried myself to sleep every night as reality dawned on me. I cried till the tears could not come out anymore.

Why did you take me to a children’s home? Did I become a weight on your shoulders that became too difficult to bear? Did I do anything wrong to you? Am I not worth having a family? Did I embarrass you in any way? Why did you lie to me? Papa and mama, do you know how your absence in my life affected and continues to affect me? I however still wait for the day you will come back. Please come for me.

I apologize for anything wrong I did that led you to abandon me. When you come for me, all the pain that you caused me will be fade away. All the brokenness that I have known will be healed. I will find answers to my questions. We will be reunited and be the happy family that we once were. My heart longs for that day. Papa and mama please come back. Be part of my life once again.

Your child


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