“I don’t believe in Valentines day. People just waste their money to buy flowers that will eventually wither.”
Let us throw a few guesses here. The statement most probably came from a man going through a financial crisis. If it is from a woman then she must be single and is being tormented by green-eyed monsters. She therefore said this in a desperate attempt to cover her brokenness. Well, it came from a happily married woman.

While some stay up waiting for New Years’, going through the rigours of washing their faces with ice-cold water running to and fro in a bid to keep themselves from going into slumber-land before ‘crossing’ to the new year; while some squander their money like there is no tomorrow in various night-time events, others are snoring mightily in their beds. Their reasoning? Will the sky turn pink the following year? Will the earth’s rotation stop? The calendar was invented merely for order.

Aaaww, the pets are so adorable. “I love taking my dog for a walk. She is the best thing on earth. Every evening she waits expectantly at the door and dances with excitement on seeing me.” Pet lovers where are you? I once saw someone on Twitter remark that she prefers dogs to human beings… To some of us, this quote (from Divergent by Veronica Roth) epitomizes our love for these wonderful creatures. “What is the point of providing food and shelter to an animal that soils your furniture, makes your home smell bad and eventually dies?”

Some look forward to their birthdays. Its a day when they receive gifts from their loved ones, a day of reflection on how their past one year has been, a day of festivities, name them. Others, a day or two after their birthdays is when they remember that the other day they turned a year older. Theirs passed completely unnoticed. Some are really into fashion and are always spotted in the latest trends. To others, clothes are merely for covering their bodies, so why waste time and money keeping up with the ever-changing trends?

Here is what I am trying to say: First thing, some see the glass half full, others see it half empty. We choose our perspectives of whatever situations we are in. Why wallow in misery when we can choose the positive side? Secondly, people are different. The pet lovers are no better than those who do not understand them. A little refraining from being on people’s necks forcing them to change might help. Lastly, be proud of your opinions on issues, however strange they may seem. 🙂 I rest my case.



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