The people’s jaws dropped and their eyes popped out of their sockets as they witnessed this mind blowing spectacle. No one saw this coming. To them it was like suddenly hitting your head against a pole while walking, a pole that until then you never knew of its existence. The single ladies could now add another item on their daydreaming list. The married women who never experienced this during their time were wallowing in jealousy. The men who never managed that in their time were awash with shame, embarrassment. All those emotions pinpointed to one irrefutable fact; that everyone was in one accord: whatever happened was really cool, romantic, and special, name them.
Who was on the spotlight? Who commanded such awe, admiration and envy in equal measure? The groom, who was no heavier than a feather was able to stretch beyond his limits and carry his new wife, who was no lighter than lead; not for ten, not for twenty, but for thirty minutes! Just for the perfect angle to be captured in the glorious photo shoot. You have to agree, this was no mean feat! This was just out of this world! This was so romantic! That photo would be an incessant reminder of the husband’s ardent love for his love, that he would be willing to do the impossible for her.
Except. Except that the newlyweds did not come to church the next day. Except that they avoided the limelight for two months. Except that they did not go for their exquisite honeymoon in Italy. When did the dynamics change? What commanded this paradigm shift? That the same people bathed in light on their wedding day were the same ones who were crashing all sources of light the following days, weeks? We came to know later on that the man suffered from severe back pains due to his heroic act on the day he tied the knot. Was it really worth it?

Before we start pointing accusing fingers and hurl our not so good remarks at them, we should take some time off to look at ourselves. Have we at one time carried the bride to get approval from society, to please others, to show people that we are the better than them? A close friend of mine once told me; it is better to hire a crane to do the carrying. People will talk, but good thing is that you will have no back pains! For those of us who are busy admiring the grooms carrying the brides; we never know the pains that they go through to be able to do that.


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