Take a minute to exit from reality. Imagine that you are a much travelled person. (If you are already then there is no need to imagine). You have so many souvenirs to remind you of the countries you have visited. They mean everything to you. You have displayed them in your house so tastefully that anyone who visits cannot help but notice them. You are happiest when your visitors’ curiosity is aroused since you have a golden opportunity to blow your own whistle sorry trumpet as you narrate to them your various exciting escapades. “That painting is from France, the porcelain plate you see there is from China, oh and that scroll, that one is straight outta Egypt,” you tell them as your face beams with pride.

Then a ragged child out of nowhere makes some ‘slight’ modifications on the souvenirs. He makes a commendable improvement on the painting by breaking its frame and scribbling on it; decides that the porcelain plate will look way better when it is lying in shreds and begins an art project by cutting the scroll using your pair of scissors, the one you bought from Britain. Within an hour, all the souvenirs you collected in so many years become nothing, useless. What would you do? How would you feel?
Back to reality now. What is it that you treasure most in this life? Is it your money, your fleet of cars, your beautiful house, your leadership position or your family? Is it your thriving crops in the farm, your animals, your intelligence, your friends or your reputation? What if one day you wake up and you are told that all your money does not have any value? What will you do when you find out that your fleet of cars have all been stolen and are irretraceable?  Your precious house demolished, your crops burnt down, all your cattle raided, your friends gone, your name tarnished and your power gone? Dejection is an understatement. Will life be worth living when all you have worked so hard for has vanished in thin air?
I am reminded of this man that I really admire. He was a good man and was careful not to do any evil. He had seven sons and three daughters, 7000 sheep, 3000 camels, 1000 head of cattle, 500 donkeys and so many servants. Indeed he was the richest man of his time. And yet when all went away, he said, “I was born with nothing, and I will die with nothing. The Lord gave and now He has taken away. May His name be praised!” (Job 3:21)
Who are you? Is our identity tied so much to our physical possessions such that when they are no more we also become nothing? If who you are is what you have and what you have is gone, then who are you?
Our identity is found in the God we trust any other identity will self destruct. (From the song: Identity – Lecrae)


“I don’t believe in Valentines day. People just waste their money to buy flowers that will eventually wither.”
Let us throw a few guesses here. The statement most probably came from a man going through a financial crisis. If it is from a woman then she must be single and is being tormented by green-eyed monsters. She therefore said this in a desperate attempt to cover her brokenness. Well, it came from a happily married woman.

While some stay up waiting for New Years’, going through the rigours of washing their faces with ice-cold water running to and fro in a bid to keep themselves from going into slumber-land before ‘crossing’ to the new year; while some squander their money like there is no tomorrow in various night-time events, others are snoring mightily in their beds. Their reasoning? Will the sky turn pink the following year? Will the earth’s rotation stop? The calendar was invented merely for order.

Aaaww, the pets are so adorable. “I love taking my dog for a walk. She is the best thing on earth. Every evening she waits expectantly at the door and dances with excitement on seeing me.” Pet lovers where are you? I once saw someone on Twitter remark that she prefers dogs to human beings… To some of us, this quote (from Divergent by Veronica Roth) epitomizes our love for these wonderful creatures. “What is the point of providing food and shelter to an animal that soils your furniture, makes your home smell bad and eventually dies?”

Some look forward to their birthdays. Its a day when they receive gifts from their loved ones, a day of reflection on how their past one year has been, a day of festivities, name them. Others, a day or two after their birthdays is when they remember that the other day they turned a year older. Theirs passed completely unnoticed. Some are really into fashion and are always spotted in the latest trends. To others, clothes are merely for covering their bodies, so why waste time and money keeping up with the ever-changing trends?

Here is what I am trying to say: First thing, some see the glass half full, others see it half empty. We choose our perspectives of whatever situations we are in. Why wallow in misery when we can choose the positive side? Secondly, people are different. The pet lovers are no better than those who do not understand them. A little refraining from being on people’s necks forcing them to change might help. Lastly, be proud of your opinions on issues, however strange they may seem. 🙂 I rest my case.


The people’s jaws dropped and their eyes popped out of their sockets as they witnessed this mind blowing spectacle. No one saw this coming. To them it was like suddenly hitting your head against a pole while walking, a pole that until then you never knew of its existence. The single ladies could now add another item on their daydreaming list. The married women who never experienced this during their time were wallowing in jealousy. The men who never managed that in their time were awash with shame, embarrassment. All those emotions pinpointed to one irrefutable fact; that everyone was in one accord: whatever happened was really cool, romantic, and special, name them.
Who was on the spotlight? Who commanded such awe, admiration and envy in equal measure? The groom, who was no heavier than a feather was able to stretch beyond his limits and carry his new wife, who was no lighter than lead; not for ten, not for twenty, but for thirty minutes! Just for the perfect angle to be captured in the glorious photo shoot. You have to agree, this was no mean feat! This was just out of this world! This was so romantic! That photo would be an incessant reminder of the husband’s ardent love for his love, that he would be willing to do the impossible for her.
Except. Except that the newlyweds did not come to church the next day. Except that they avoided the limelight for two months. Except that they did not go for their exquisite honeymoon in Italy. When did the dynamics change? What commanded this paradigm shift? That the same people bathed in light on their wedding day were the same ones who were crashing all sources of light the following days, weeks? We came to know later on that the man suffered from severe back pains due to his heroic act on the day he tied the knot. Was it really worth it?

Before we start pointing accusing fingers and hurl our not so good remarks at them, we should take some time off to look at ourselves. Have we at one time carried the bride to get approval from society, to please others, to show people that we are the better than them? A close friend of mine once told me; it is better to hire a crane to do the carrying. People will talk, but good thing is that you will have no back pains! For those of us who are busy admiring the grooms carrying the brides; we never know the pains that they go through to be able to do that.


Let me introduce you to my friends. You see that mammoth sized guy over there who laughs without a care in the world? He is GUY 1. He is the blue-eyed boy of my group of friends. His laugh at best can be compared to that of a witch and at worst to a croaking bull frog. His hands are like paws of a lion. Each handshake leaves me with beautiful red lines on my hands. Painful. He has a very convincing tongue. I still do not understand how he laces every word he says with sugar, and I take in every word, savour the sugary exterior only to find out the inside is a perfect combination of sugar and salt. Disgusting. I have always blindly followed him. He has, thankfully, made me believe that every attempt I make to step out of the crowd is a waste of energy and the soles of my shoes. He happens to be the main character of my dreams every night, and of my day to day life.
Do you want to know who the loudest is? The one who makes the birds scramble for safety whenever she attempts to sing? The one whose whisper can give you a headache of a lifetime? Let me introduce you to GUY 2. She is as tall as the dining table and her skin hugs her bones tightly. Her vocal cords must have come fitted with an amplifier. Everyday, every minute she whispers sweet nothings (read discouragement) and she overdoses me with nostalgia. My ear drums are going through a tough time I must admit. She is small, but her presence is felt in this world.
The one who carries his shiny brass trumpet everywhere is GUY 3. He always blows it to all and sundry. He has a rendition of every song of mine and plays it to all who care (and to those who do not care) to listen. I could say he is excellent at what he does, but let me just say he would rather use his breath to extinguish fire. He has hypnotised me though, and made me believe that his music is soothing to my ears. Oh, his trumpet is in aluminium, not brass. I have never noticed that before. Whatever powers he has, they are really working. He is the one that gave me these sun glasses; they prevent truth from hurting my eyes and blur the future. I am officially myopic.
Those are just three of my friends. They are very interesting characters. The three plus others decided to move into my house without my consent. I cannot play hide-and-seek with them any more. They have narrowed my options to two; I either see them, or they see me. I am sick and tired of having them, so I have decided to slip away from my house and run to another world, where they will never find me. The clock strikes midday, and as my ‘beloved’ friends gather to hold their daily meeting, my flight commences.
I am forced to throw away my heels so that I can run faster. Every contact that my bare feet make with the uneven ground makes me wince with pain. The huge energy reserves that I had at the beginning are at the threshold of depletion, but I still keep on. My even breathing at the beginning is replaced with loud gasps. My chest is painfully fighting for air, but I still keep on. Rivers of sweat are flowing down my body, they do nothing to quell the rowdy heat sensation in my being, but I still keep on. The onlookers throw me arrows poisoned with bitter remarks. I dodge some, most get me and make me fall and bruise myself, much to their delight. I stand, dust myself, and still keep on.
Eventually I arrive at the booking office, and I realise that so many people want to go to the same destination as I do. I wonder what they are running away from. I am the last person on the queue. There are about five billion people in front of me. After decades of waiting, I am eventually able to pay for my journey. We all wait for the vehicle that is supposed to take us there. My spirited anticipation is quickly replaced with angry impatience when dark sets in and the vehicle has not yet come. I complain till I fall into deep slumber on the cold floor.

When I wake up, I find that I am alone. I was left behind. These people; they cannot even wake me up? I guess I just have to go home, gather all the courage I have and kick those friends out of my house. You want to know their names? GUY 1 is fear, GUY 2 is defeat and GUY 3 is worry. I have a feeling they are our mutual friends. Its time we lock them out of our houses.