Dressed to kill, you never faltered. To others, everything about you screamed class. To me, everything about you screamed I NEED HELP! So I took heed and came to you. My muscles rebelled against my will but I still reached you. The thorns that were lucky to interact with my heels after overcoming the easy obstacle, the soles of my sandals, became part of my body. I braved the angry rays of the sun that threatened to gulp all my water and leave me dry. I ate raw meat and ate bitter fruits on the way to make my stomach shut up. My body obeyed the commands of the cold night and shook like an earthquake. My jaws had a continuous up and down movement that made the teeth of the upper jaw and those of the lower one touch and let go of each other at supersonic speeds. My clothes betrayed me and colluded with the night to make sure I remained cold. They seemed to forget they were supposed to keep me warm. During the day they were just unnecessary weight.
If I had mentioned all the troubles I went through just to get to you and if you had understood, you would have cried oceans of tears. You would have understood the gravity of your problem. You would have let me help you. Unfortunately, when I approached you, you somehow knew I had not eaten real food for days so you threw an egg at me. I was left with an egg on my face. Impeccable! You had put on a designer dress studded with diamonds that day. You carried a clutch bag designed by HURT. I wanted to help you carry it. Since my clothes were at the mercy of my traveling conditions, you took me for a street urchin. You thought I wanted to steal from you. You screamed for help and I, the help you needed, was beaten to a pulp.
I never gave up. Despite what you did to me, I still went through the trouble to reach you. This time you were going to school. You had the back pack designed by TRYING TO FIT IN. Inside it you had books written by bestselling authors like FAILURE, LOW SELF ESTEEM and PRESSURE, stationery of the PRETENSE brand, not forgetting the HURT clutch bag, just in case you needed anything. It was not rocket science that the bag was weighing you down. I offered you a hand, but you told me you could handle it. I left dejected.
Yet again, I never gave up. Each time you kept adding designer bags to your collection, I beat all the odds to come to you. When you had the big handbag of the GUILT HOUSE, a very popular fashion house, where you stuffed in the back pack, the clutch bag and all the books and stationery, I tried giving you a hand but you turned me away. How I wish you knew I cared for you deeply. How I wish you knew I went through what you went through and it was disturbing me. You simply did not want me to help.
This particular day, you were haggard, and bent over despite the fact that you were young. You carried all those bags in one big sack of DENIAL. You were overwhelmed, you were tired. I still came to you but you pretended the sac was as heavy as a feather so there was no need to help. I knew it was as heavy as gravity. This time though I walked besides you. I kept imploring, begging, I did not want you to reach the destination of the rough path you chose to tread on. You were finally at the edge of the precipice, overlooking the abyss of bitterness. You suddenly came back to your senses, and threw the sack you were clinging on at my feet and you sprang back to life. Yes, you could walk head high again, yes, you had just made free! You made a turn around and chose the right path. You realized I am Jesus, always ready to help you with your burdens. It was I who was willing to die on the cross so that you could be forgiven so that you could be made free.
Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28